5,000 More Rewards Points For Free – Save on Foods Offers

For those in Canada, here is a chance to get 5,000 More Rewards points, for free!

Save on foods has a ‘My Offers’ portal where you can load discounts and other deals onto your More Rewards card. Currently they are offering 5,000 points for free, and all you need to do is load that offer.

Before we get into how to get the points, I will show out how to best use More Rewards points and how much 5,000 points are worth in the More Rewards program (hint, it’s pretty underwhelming).

Using More Rewards points for travel

Did you know More Rewards can be, and is best used, for travel redemption? Not many people do!

Let’s take a look at a sample redemption for a flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco:

Now this is just a flight example. You will find out hotel, packages, car rentals redemption will all have the same point to dollar ratio. And of course, if you’re planning any travel, you should book far in advance when hopefully COVID-19 is over.

As you can see the price is $64.69 CAD or 15,080 points. Now, we can work out how much 1 More Rewards point is worth by calculating 64.69 / 1,080 = 0.00429, or 0.429 cents / point (cpm) in Canadian Dollars, or 0.32 cpm in USD, which is… pretty abysmal for a rewards program. Now, 5,000 points are worth exactly… $21.45 CAD, or $16 USD, provided you redeem your points for travel.

Something to keep in mind is that their inventory is different than a search returned by Google Flights. For this particular search, the same flight operated by American shows up at $87 CAD on the More Rewards portal while Google Flights shows $64 CAD.

Comparing to other redemption categories

Now, let’s compare the redemption value to other categories based on a few quick searches I made. All values are in CAD:

  • Groceries appear to range from 0.17 to 0.21 cpm
  • Save on Food’s own gift cards: 0.17 cpm 
  • Other gift cards appear to range from 0.18 cpm to 0.23 cpm
  • Donations to charities: 0.4 cpm
To put it bluntly, the value of points in the More Rewards program is downright awful. Given the roughly 1:1 earning ratio (1 CAD spend is about 1 point earned, give or take), this program lags credit cards, airline and hotel rewards programs by factor of 3 to 4.

However, since this program is totally free, and you earn points separately from your payment cards’ programs, one can’t exactly complain about getting 5,000 points for free, even if it’s only worth $21.45 CAD at best.
Enough already. Show me how to get the points!

Go to https://myoffers.saveonfoods.com/programs/saveonfoods/ and login.

Then, load the offer for 5,000 free points:

That’s it! Now wait up to 48 hours and login into your account on https://www.morerewards.ca/ and you will see your 5,000 points deposited in transaction history:

Not sure who Darrell is, but thanks, Darrell!

Terms and conditions of the offer

One offer per household, points will automatically be added to your account within 48 hours of loading the offer to your card. No purchase necessary. Offer will remain in your active offers until

expired and will not appear under your Redeemed offers. Log in at
MoreRewards.ca to view your points balance.

Valid until Jul 15, 2020