Expedia’s 2X VIP Redemption Bonus Ends Tonight

TL;DR: Burn all your Expedia points tonight on a VIP Access property and book as far out as possible

If you have Expedia points, you may want to consider booking a VIP Access property stay that you won’t cancel before midnight tonight. This is because as of February 1, Expedia’s program is being devalued, and redemption on VIP Access properties will no longer be worth double. This is by all means a devaluation. You should not need convincing that your Expedia points are (were, as of tomorrow) most valuable when you redeem with a VIP Access property, because they get you double the value!

This is from an Expedia email back in December:

We wanted to let you know about an upcoming change to the way you enjoy our vast collection of over 8,000 VIP Access properties, each offering an exceptional, one-of-a-kind stay. Starting 01/02/2021, when you book a VIP Access property, you’ll earn triple points, providing you the chance to build up points more quickly for future stays, car rentals and activities.

Please note, with this update, your points will continue to be worth double at VIP Access properties only for a limited time. If you wish to redeem double points for a memorable VIP Access experience, you must book by 31/01/2021, when this change will take effect.

Really? Devaluation During a Global Pandemic?

Of course, Expedia will also be giving you triple points starting on February 1 when you book a VIP Access property, but how many people actually book the expensive properties? This screws everyone who earns points by booking regular hotels and intend to use their hard-earned points on a fancy hotel they wouldn’t otherwise consider booking.

Given the fact that we are in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, many people will not be able to make a solid plan for hotel booking which may fall through for many reasons, such as new testing requirements, new travel restrictions, airline cancellations, to name a few. Shame on Expedia for devaluing their points during a pandemic, but you have to work with the hand you’re dealt with.

What To Do Now

First thing is you must book before February 1. If you already know you will be booking at a VIP Access property, then you are good. Just book it before tomorrow.

If you don’t have any solid plans to book a VIP Access property, then I recommend you book as far out as possible to ensure COVID restrictions will be minimized or removed altogether by the time you travel. This makes your trip while still speculative, at least has a somewhat decent shot at materializing. This is the important part: if you cancel your booking after today, Expedia will refund you the points, but you will no longer be able to redeem double points because it will be after February 1! So you should definitely try your best to make a booking that you do not foresee cancelling.

Expedia currently allows you to book hotels into 2022 mid June. However, not many hotels, especially VIP Access properties, have opened their schedule that far out in advance. It is up to you to research the destination and properties that are available for those dates.

I myself booked a local tourist destination VIP Access property in June 2022, and utilized my $50 x 2 = $100 worth of Expedia points. I didn’t like to be forced into booking a hotel now, especially for June 2022, but it is what it is, and in the end I was able to get a $50 savings that I would not be able to get as of tomorrow.