Upgraded to iOS 14? Do This To Secure Your Privacy Now

Apple released iOS 14 yesterday. If you are privacy-conscious like me, then you will want to check your phone for these new iOS 14 tracking features Apple implemented and decide if you want to disable them.

Turn off Apple Pay Merchant Identification

Two new settings in system services that are turned on by default in iOS 14 are Apple Pay Merchant Identification and DeviceManagement.framework. If you don’t need those, you should turn those off in:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services (Last Option on screen)

Turn off Precise Location for Apps

Apple now allows you to disable Precise Location for individual apps. You still want this enabled for some apps – such as Google Maps. But for apps like Facebook, I see no reason to give this permission. I suggest turning it off and have the app use your approximate location instead.

Check each app – not all of them will have this setting. You can check them in:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Click on any app

Since this is an aviation / travel blog. Here’s an interesting tip: Enabling Precise Location in, say, United Airlines‘ app, enables it to track your exact location in airport terminals so you can use the interactive terminal map to get to your gate, or your favorite lounge. I myself will be turning this off, however.