Where Can I Travel To? Tool For COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Given the ever-changing landscape of border and travel restrictions during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it can be pretty difficult to find up-to-date information in one place. Every day, there are new information to absorb, and if you are not paying attention, you could find yourself denied entry and get stuck at the airport. Of course, there are scenarios that are outside of your control, such as being subjected to an unplanned 14-day quarantine because your flight arrived 1 minute late. But you still want to have all the information possible in order to research or reassess your trips during COVID-19.

What if there is a website that can quickly tell answer questions such as can I go to Asia as a tourist (Generally no, except for Maldives) or health-related issues such as will I need to quarantine once I arrive at a country? Well, it appears there is one now.

If you are flying internationally, Sherpa has a page that will inform you of travel and health restrictions by destination:

It appears to be keeping track of recent as well as upcoming changes made by each country.

While it looks pretty solid on the surface, there are a couple glitches with this tool:

  • Travel within a country that is closed (i.e. Canada) will result in some pretty funny result, and considering Sherpa is a Canadian company, they should have caught this one:

Finally, if you are flying domestically within the US, American Airlines has provided links to each state’s COVID-19 information page.