Hawaii Ends Testing For The Vaccinated – But Not Canadians

Today, Governor Davie Ige of Hawaii announced that beginning July 8, anyone with vaccination records from other states and US territories can bypass the state’s quarantine and pre-travel testing program:

One thing to note is this was originally supposed to happen after Hawaii reaches 60% vaccination rate. But due to multiple factors such as political pressure and confusion, the announcement was made prior to the 60% threshold. This will still miss the July 4th weekend travel period.

Unfortunately for Canadians and everyone else who did not get their vaccinations in the US, this means they will have wait a bit longer to be able to skip pre-travel testing and/or quarantine. This likely will not happen until Hawaii’s vaccination rate reaches 70%, which also means the end of all COVID-19 restrictions in the state.

A sunset view from Maui will just have to wait for non-US vaccinated travelers who wish to bypass pre-travel testing.