Are Airlines Trying to Get Us Infected with COVID-19?

Air travel is down to a minimum these days because of COVID-19. Business and leisure travel are non-existent as everyone is staying home. Many countries have shut their borders in order to control the spread of the Coronavirus. Multiple airlines have suspended operations as a result.

The last thing you would think about these days is cheap airfare. But that is exactly what airlines are trying to entice us with. In order to get us to fly during dangerous times, they have dropped prices to rock bottom levels.

Let’s look at this price map from Los Angeles to the East Coast in April:

I am only searching on legacy carriers such as American, United and Delta. So discount airlines like Spirit and Frontier pricing are not shown. (They are even cheaper at around $18 one-way, but their carry-on and other fees often offset the cheap ticket prices). Here are some quick highlights:

  • Los Angeles – Miami for $21 (Also mentioned on Secret Flying)
  • Los Angeles – New York for $25
  • Los Angeles – Philadelphia for $29
  • Los Angeles – Washington for $32

The prices are unreal. Also, this works round-trip as well:

Los Angeles to Miami for $35 Round Trip on American Airlines

Note: Although this is a basic economy ticket, American now allows you a free carry on with a BE fare.

This won’t get me to fly. Really, no one should be flying these days unless they must. But I can see some Covidiots who don’t care much for the virus jumping on deals like this. A sick person can potentially infect other travelers and putting cabin crew in harm’s way as well.

American Airlines Flight Attendant Dies from Coronavirus

Last week an American Airlines flight attendant died from the COVID-19 after contracting the virus.

Lori Bassani, president of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, which represents 27,000 flight attendants at American Airlines, said in a statement, “It is with deep sadness we report that one of our own … has passed away from Covid-19.”

As we now know that infected people who are asymptomatic can also transmit the virus. Sadly cabin crew are constantly in close contact with travelers. Despite airlines now implement social distancing measures, it is still impossible for flight attendants to avoid coming into close contact with flyers due to the nature of their jobs.

Final Two Cents

I’m not saying airlines are trying to get us all infected, but I can’t understand why they would deeply discount airfare in order to lure people into flying. I believe you should stay at home unless you absolutely must travel (i.e. those trying to return home, or medical workers heeding the governor of NY’s plead for help – and in these cases, price is no objection), and you might just save a fellow traveler or a flight attendant’s life.