Update on Delta’s $0 error fare from Vancouver to Los Angeles

Last month there was a error fare bookable on Delta Airline’s website for roundtrip flights between YVR and LAX for $65 CAD, which were all taxes – actual airfare was $0 (Deal was mentioned on RedFlagDeals here). I booked a trip but my flights were on Westjet codeshare – there were Delta flights too but I was late to the party. Since it was an error fare, I didn’t really worry about it too much as I knew there was a chance Delta would cancel the reservations.

That was until this morning, when I got a voicemail informing me that Delta is honoring the error fare (see breakdown below). However, they re-booked me on flights operated by Delta Connection, probably because Westjet did not honor the $0 fare. This actually turned into a better deal for me because now I am able to select seats immediately while Westjet would have charged ~$20 CAD for the assignments. Plus now that I’ll be flying on Delta, I can use the Delta Sky Club at LAX (an AMEX Platinum card benefit) which would not have been possible on a Westjet-issued ticket (never mind that LAX terminal 2 does not have an airside connection to the Delta terminals at T5/6).

Most times things never work out this nicely, this is a rare occasion.