Did Orbitz quietly remove $50 bonus Orbucks from their Price Guarantee?

I recently discovered Orbitz removed verbiage from their price guarantee page.

While not always successful, I have made a couple successful price guarantee claims with Orbitz in the past, which effectively knocked $50 off a future booking by the way or bonus Orbucks. This was a nice perk especially Expedia (who owns Orbitz) removed their price guarantee from Expedia.com in October 2017.

See comparison of screenshots. Left one is taken today (June 12, 2018). Right one is taken from Google cache on June 10, 2018.

Notice how the second section is now missing? There is no longer any mention of $50 bonus Orbucks when your price guarantee claim is approved.

Whether this is a temporary change, or a permanent devaluation, only time will tell.


Link to current price guarantee page:


Link to Google cached page from June 10, 2018: