Free In-flight Wifi on American Airlines flights Loophole with Screenshots

Did you know you can get free Wifi easily on American Airlines flights? While this loophole/hack has been around for a while, I find it a bit surprising that it has not been patched.

This is the step-by-step instruction as shown on an iPhone:

  1. Connect to the plane’s Gogo In-flight wifi
  2. Delete Gogo app if you have it installed
  3. Open up safari, deactivate private mode if enabled, and go to any site that isn’t Google
  4. Scroll down and click on entertainment
  5. Choose any movie
  6. Click “Play Video”
  7. Click “Download now” under “No, I need to download” when asked if you have the an app to play the video
  8. Enter captcha and you will be asked to open a page in App Store. Hit cancel
  9. Open a new tab in Safari while leaving the Gogo tab open, and you will have Wifi for roughly 15 minutes
  10. When your wifi is no longer working, simply repeat steps 3-9

Screenshots showing the flow:

FYI, this also works on Delta flights as they are also equipped with Gogo Wifi. Same steps, different screen layouts.